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About us

Our company has been on the front lines of advertising and marketing for law firms for decades. As we've grown older we've worked with hundreds of law firms to help us grow wiser as to the needs of our clientele.

That's why when our clients sign on to work with Prime Legal Leads, we ensure they have all of those years of experience are put to use in every lead we generate and send your way.

State by State

  • We can deliver leads specific to any state
  • We work with special requests to ensure local leads
  • We show only leads that fit your criteria
  • Leads in your practice area
  • Preferred leads for our firms specializations
  • Specializing in personal injury and disability

Latest questions and answers

Advertising and Marketing Experts

1How much do leads cost?

It varies depending on State and type of case.

Since leads vary so much the price per lead also varies to ensure that our clients don't overpay for certain leads. Leads also cost less in states that have less competition.

2How can I sign up?

Just Contact Us

We accept new clients for leads every day and usually your sign up and contact requests will be reviewed and responded to within 24 hours.

3Can I buy leads from multiple States?

Yes we sell leads from all 50 states for attorneys who are qualified to service them.

We also want to ensure our customers are not passed around too much so we will verify your qualifications in the desired state and then you can purchase leads from those states.

4How does Premium Injury Leads acquire leads?

We do online, television and radio advertising and marketing in all 50 states

We run Facebook campaigns, SEO/SEM campaigns, national and local television advertisements and local radio advertisements. We have a screening process that allows us to get the details up front so we can pass on the most important information to our attorneys so they can get started right away.

5Can I use my law firms client agreements with these leads?

Yes we can create Esignature forms from your client agreements and other intake forms.

To help make the process as smooth as possible we can convert your client intake forms into online signature forms that look and read exactly the same as your contracts. That way all your leads are put into your process exactly the way you prefer.

Cody Bryant

Owner and CEO

Cody has been working in Legal Marketing for over 30 years and has helped hundreds of attorneys connect with qualified leads that turn into great cases. If you're interested in buying qualified leads for your areas of practice, Cody can help you connect with real people in your area seeking attorney services.